As a producer of industrial batteries we are required, under the Waste Batteries and Accumulators Regulations 2009 to

  • take back waste industrial batteries free of charge from any end-user, if you supply them with new batteries, if they’re the same chemistry as batteries you place on the market.
  • tell end users how they can return waste industrial batteries, for example through information on your website



An industrial battery or battery pack is a battery of any size or weight, with one of the following characteristics. It is:

  • designed exclusively for industrial or professional uses
  • used as a source of power for propulsion in an electric vehicle or a ‘hybrid’ vehicle
  • unsealed but not an automotive battery
  • sealed and not a portable battery

‘Electric vehicle’ means propelled by electric propulsion and intended for carrying people or goods. This includes electric cars, wheelchairs, bicycles, airport vehicles and automatic transport vehicles.

A battery is not industrial just because a professional person, like a service engineer, installs or removes it from a piece of equipment.

The end user can return them to us free of charge for treatment and recycling. As long as the chemical composition of the batteries are Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFePO4. We will arrange for the batteries to be recycled at an ABTO or an ABE for treatment and recycling.

To find out more or arrange for the return of your batteries, please contact us on Tech@LithiumPro.co.uk

We take this responsibility very seriously and work with a number of battery recycling companies to handle our recycling obligations and to help  create RECYCLING awareness. 

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