NDS POWER SERVICE - All-In-One Triple Charger


What is a NDS Power Service All-In-One triple charger ?

An All-In-One triple charger is a combined Solar, DC-DC and Main 240v charger all in one box. Rather than buying 3 separate units this box will do the job of all 3. It is also smart alternator compatible. 

NDS GOLD 40A DC-DC Charger

The NDS Power Service Gold 40-M is an all-in-one triple charger for your leisure battery.  This compact unit can manage multiple charging sources thanks to its combination of a 40A battery-to-battery (DC-DC) charger, a 20A mains-powered charger and a 250W PWM solar controller, enabling you to charge from your vehicle’s alternator whilst on the move, from an AC mains hook-up whilst on site, or from solar panels whilst off-grid. This saves space, cabling and installation time when compared with fitting three separate pieces of equipment.

The Power Service Gold-40M optimises the charging of your 12 volt battery from multiple sources and can be fitted to vehicles with either standard or Euro 6 ‘smart’ alternators. It can be used with all lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries and has dedicated, selectable charging profiles for each type.

Important – only to be used with solar panels that have an Open-Circuit Voltage (VOC) of 28V or less.  Greater voltages may damage the unit and will void the warranty.

Suitable for 12V nominal voltage systems.


  • 40A DC-DC charger compatible with all alternator types (standard, Euro 5, Euro 6 +)
  • 20A wide input voltage range (90-264V AC) mains charger
  • PWM solar controller with 250W max. panel capacity
  • 5-stage charging
  • Fast and deep charging of leisure batteries
  • Can be used with all lead-acid (flooded, sealed, AGM, gel etc.) and lithium batteries
  • Selectable (via jumper) multi-stage charging profiles
  • Auxiliary connection for existing systems (CBE, Sargent, Schaudt, Nordelettronica etc.)
  • Engine and leisure batteries are kept separated to prevent accidental discharge
  • Protection against over-temp, short circuit, reverse polarity, over-current, over-voltage, low-temp (lithium only)
  • LED status indicators and audible warning
  • User-replaceable fuses
  • Supplied with 2-pin Euro to IEC power lead
  • Galvanic insulation: From DC – No / From AC – Yes
  • Maximum efficiency: 92%
  • Cooling: Fan-assisted
  • Charging type: 5-stage
  • Battery types: All lead-acid (wet, sealed, AGM, Gel) and lithium
  • Recommended battery capacity: ≥120Ah
  • Euro6 & ‘Smart’ alternator compatible: Yes
  • Cable connections: 7-way screw terminal block (16mm² max., recommended 10mm² min.)
  • Mains power cable: 2-pin Euro plug
  • Status indicators: 2 x LED + buzzer
  • Protection: Short-circuit, reverse-polarity, over-temp, over-current, over-voltage, under-temp (lithium only)
  • Self-consumption: 13mA
  • Operating temperature range: -20 to +50°C
  • Overall dims: 228 (L) x 135 (W) x 95 (H) mm

Powered by:

  • Alternator (upto 40A output)
  • Solar Panel (upto 15A output – 250W PWM)
  • Main power supply (upto 20A output)

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