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In the Support Section you can locate your downloadable PDF format Quick Start Guides, Datasheets, User manuals and the SMARTIQ APP for use with LPE batteries.

Frequently asked Questions

No special charger is required, any normal Lithium battery charger is fine. Many battery chargers will have settings for different battery chemistries. For Lithium batteries, select the LiFePO4 profile or the closest to 14.2-14.4v 

You can charger your Lithium Battery in 3 basic ways:-
1. Using a DC-DC Battery charger will use your alternator’s surplus power to generate a regulated 14.4v charge voltage. Click here for DC-DC Chargers

2. Using a MPPT Solar Charge Controller you can charge your leisure batteries at a regulated voltage utilising your solar panels ability to harness the suns energy. Click here for Solar Charge Controllers

3 Using a Mains hook-up Charger you can use a domestic 240v electricity supply to charge you leisure batteries via hook-up or shore power. Click here for Mains Chargers

IMPORTANT: When you first receive your battery you should charge it fully until you get a Cell Over Voltage COV notification and then complete a full discharge until you get a Cell Under Voltage notification. This way your BMS will be able to calibrate your State of Charge SOC correctly, now understanding the parameters for both 0% and 100% state of charge.

Your Lithium Battery with a Constant Current Constant Voltage charger CCCV with a LiFePO4 charging profile.

Absorption should be set to 14.2-14.4v 

Float should be set to 13.5-13.9v

Desulfation/Equalisation must be turn off

Most Victron chargers already have a Lithium charging profile. However, should you wish to personalise your settings, please use the following;

Absorption voltage: 14.4V
Absorption time: Recommended setting is half an hour per 100ah of LiFePO4 battery (for example if you have 2x 150ah batteries select 90mins).
Float Voltage: 13.5V
Equalisation voltage: This must be disabled on all Lithium batteries as this can damage the battery with pulses of high voltages. This is designed for lead acid batteries to add with desulfation.
Temperature compensation: This should also be disabled on Lithium batteries.
Charged Voltage: This is where your battery is considered fully charged – Lithium batteries should be set to 14.4V for Victron equipment.
Low Temperature cut-off: The Drift batteries have low temperature charging protection built into the battery. You can leave this off.
Discharge Floor: 0%
Tail Current: This is the minimum current at which the Smart Shunt considers charging or discharging finished. We recommend 4%.
Peukert Exponent: Not required – this is for Lead Acid batteries.

Yes our SMARTIQ Series batteries are all ‘Drop-In’ Lead-Acid replacements. They are exactly the same size and shape as your old Lead-Acid batteries with the exact same terminal posts, so there is not need to change your electrical connections. They even have the base rail at the base to safely secure your battery in place. No need to look for inventive ways to strap a chinese replacement battery down. Click here for ‘Drop-In’ replacement batteries.

Yes, all LithiumPro Energy batteries can be connected in Series or Parallel up to a maximum of 4 units. Our SMARTIQ BMS APP with also be able to display your battery system as a whole in both Series or Parallel configurations.

Lithium batteries are extremely reliable technology. If care for and looked after according to the manufacturers guidelines you should still be using your battery in 10 years time. LithiumPro Energy only use traceable Grade-A Prismatic cell technology in all of their batteries which are capable of over 4000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge. Meaning if used every day it will last over 11 years, and still retain 80% of its rated capacity. All our batteries are covered by our comprehensive 5 year warranty.

Yes, you can safely discharge your Lithium Battery down to temperatures as low as -20ºc However, Lithium batteries cannot be charged in temperatures below zero unless they have heaters embedded within the battery. All LithiumPro Batteries have a safety feature built into the battery to prevent it charging below 0ºc unless it has heaters on-board Click here to see our ARCTICXTREME Battery designed for charging in colder climates.

Yes, our SMARTIQ SERIES range have been exclusively designed to fit under the front seat of your motorhome or campervan. You can even fit 2 in parallel for 300AH under the seat of Fiat Ducatos, Peugeot Boxers, Citroen Relays, Merc Sprinter, VW T6, VW Crafter, Transit Custom. Click here to see installation guide.

When connecting batteries together for communication via CANbus ports, use standard RJ45 cable to link them and terminate last battery with the RJ45 termination plug provided. See diagram here.


100AH Lithium Battery

100ah 12v Lithium battery Lithium Pro

105AH Lithium Battery with SMARTIQ

105ah Lithium battery ULTRAVOLT APP Lithium Pro

150AH Lithium Battery with SMARTIQ & heating

150ah Lithium battery ARCTICXTREME APP Lithium Pro

175AH Lithium Battery with SMARTIQ Heating & SMARTCOMM SERIES

12v 175ah under seat base lithium battery from Lithium Pro

280AH Lithium Battery with SMARTIQ Heating & SMARTCOMM SERIES

12v 280ah Seatbase Lithium battery

460AH Lithium Battery with SMARTIQ Heating & SMARTCOMM SERIES

12v 460ah lithium battery ENDURAVOLT FRONT Lithium Pro Energy

105AH Lithium Battery with SMARTIQ

150AH Lithium Battery with SMARTIQ & heating

Innovative and Intelligent data monitoring
Download the free SMARTIQ Battery Monitoring App, available for both IOS and Android platforms, and unlock a world of live data monitoring. Keep track of vital information such as voltage, wattage, temperature, amps, State of Charge (SOC), estimated time till empty, estimated time till full, and an array of other features.



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