12v 175ah lithium battery – ARCTICXTREME V2

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Introducing the all new 12v 175ah lithium Battery – ARCTICXTREME v2.   A complete upgrade of the previous ARCTICXTREME.  Now offering even more power and capacity from within the same shell, making it the most powerful DIN H8 sized battery on the UK market at 175ah, packed with industry-leading technology. This 175AH lithium battery is designed to fit under the seat base of almost any commercial vehicle. It will fit under the seat base of a VW T6.1, New Ford Custom, Sprinter, MAN, Renault and all Fiat ducato motorhome derivatives, whether under the seat or in a battery box/compartment.

The SMARTCOMM SERIES from LithiumPro offers seamless Plug & Play integration via CANBus, allowing these batteries to communicate effortlessly with inverters, chargers, VictronGX, Ekrano, and any NMEA2000 compliant head unit, including CZONE, SIMARINE, and RAYMARINE. This enables the sharing of live system data for optimal performance and enhanced monitoring capabilities.

This battery is a genuine ‘PLUG & PLAY’ direct replacement for your lead-acid battery. If your motorhome or caravan has a lead-acid (CCCV) Constant Current Constant Voltage based charger that charges between 14.2v -14.6v you can install this battery and it will charge just fine, without the need to fit any other components. It will fit in exactly the same place as your old 95-110ah Lead acid battery and will charge using your existing CCCV charger.

Of course, should you wish to upgrade to a more powerful, dedicated lithium charger with a LiFePO4 profile, it will charge much faster and more efficiently, but it is NOT a requirement with our batteries. See here for dedicated lithium chargers.

This state-of-the-art lithium battery is part of a new range from Lithium Pro Energy called SMARTCOMM SERIES offering market-leading features embedded within the battery as standard.

One of the many unique features of the SMARTCOMM SERIES is the latest onboard safety mechanism, which protects the battery and connected electronics from dangerous arcs and sparks caused by powerful inrush currents when connecting to high-powered inverters. This powerfully upgrade 175Ah ArcticXtreme battery, is equipped with an advanced proprietary 200A BMS, which has the capability to run any household appliance up to 2500W when connected to a capable inverter, allowing you to run high powered devices from a single lithium battery, saving the need to purchase two lithium batteries.

Additionally, the new integrated battery isolation safety feature enables you to completely isolate your battery from its loads when maintenance is required, ensuring convenience and safety. Alternatively, you may wish to simply winterise your system at the touch of a button.



ON/OFF battery switch







12v 175ah lithium battery – ARCTICXTREME V2

This state-of-the-art lithium battery is part of a new range developed by Lithium Pro Energy called SMARTCOMM SERIES offering market-leading features embedded within the battery as standard.

  • EVE Grade A Cells: All LithiumPro batteries use only traceable UL-listed cells that are matched for voltage, internal resistance, and capacity before assembly.
  • Pre-Charge Protection: An essential safety feature that prevents dangerous surging currents, sparking, and arcing when connecting the battery to high-load devices like large inverters, thereby protecting the BMS and connected electronic devices from irreparable damage.
  • 200A Battery Management System (BMS): The most powerful BMS available in a DIN H8 shell, allowing you to run any household appliance up to 2500W when using an inverter.
  • 1-5A Active Balancing: Integrated into LithiumPro’s proprietary BMS, the advanced variable 1-5A active balancer maintains a precise and optimal balance among the Grade-A LiFePO4 cells by distributing voltage between cells during the charging cycle. This advanced technology provides enhanced battery performance, extending lifecycle, and improving safety, as a well-balanced battery performs better and operates more reliably, no matter what charger you use.
  • Battery Isolation: This advanced safety and protection feature allows you to safely isolate your battery during maintenance and completely disconnect it from its loads for winterisation with the press of a button. No more fumbling around trying to disconnect large battery cables.
  • SMARTIQ BMS: Equipped with LithiumPro’s proprietary SMARTIQ Battery Monitoring System APP. This advanced industry-leading APP is designed to monitor your battery’s health and state-of-charge (SOC) remotely in real-time from your smart device using the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology.
  • Heated Cell Technology: Standard in all SMARTCOMM Series batteries, enabling safe charging at sub-zero temperatures to ensure continued operation in all climates.
  • Advanced CANBUS/RS485 Connectivity: Available on all SMARTCOMM Series batteries, this industry leading ‘Plug & Play’ connectivity enables seamless communication between multiple batteries and inverters such as Victron and Mastervolt. It can communicate with a wide array head units and displays like Victron GX, Ekrano, or NMEA-compliant devices such as CZONE, SIMARINE, RAYMARINE to display vital battery parameters.


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Intelligent Intuitive Data Monitoring

Monitor Real-Time Battery Data from your Phone

Using the latest Bluetooth 5 technology on your IOS or Android device you can pair to a SMARTIQ SERIES battery for real time data monitoring.

Multiple Battery Connections

Whether your system is connected in SERIES or PARALLEL with our APP you can now monitor all your battery data on a single screen

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Check battery status, faults & alarms

The BMS Battery Management System controls all battery parameters, logging and logs the faults when it has had to intervene for safety and help you use your battery more efficiently.


No more guessing - Get live data showing the % State of Charge SOC of your battery and how long till your battery will be to fully charged or completely discharged

Uses for Lithium Leisure batteries.

  • Electric Leisure Vehicles:- Golf trolleys, Mobility scooters
  • Motorhomes, caravans, campervans
  • Boats, Marine applications (IP67 rated)
  • Access platforms, cleaning machines
  • Energy Storage Systems (ESS)
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)
  • Traffic Management Systems
  • Electric fences

How to chose the right lithium Battery.

Its important to consider the following factors when choosing the right Lithium Battery for your application:

  • CERTIFICATION, safety is a critical factor, so make sure you chose a battery that meets all the standards for sale. UKCA for UK, CE for Europe, ROHS Restriction of Hazardous Substances, RED Radio Equipment Directive if it has Bluetooth. UN38.8 approval – United Nations governs approval for the transportation of Lithium via rail, road, sea and air.  Are the batteries Verified and approved by the NCC?
  • CAPACITY, how much capacity do you require for your setup. This is rated in ampere hours (100ah)
  • POWER RATING, this amount of power your battery hold measured in watt/hours. 100ah 1280wh
  • CHARGE/DISCHARGE CAPABILITY, is a very important consideration when choosing the right battery for you. This capability is measured in Amps and is controlled by the Battery management System BMS. This governs the amount of amps that can pass through the battery when charging and discharging. This will limit the size of your inverter that you can run and at what rate you can charge the battery. So chose carefully.
  • CELL TYPE, Lithium batteries have advanced over the last 5 years and continue to advance at a rapid pace. Initially cylindrical cells were used in most LiFePO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. They have now been replaced with lighter, more efficient prismatic cells. These allow more flexibility in packaging in smaller spaces and produce far higher cyclic capacity.
  • CYCLES, Prismatic cells are advancing due to the advancement of EV, Electric Vehicles driving the technology forward thus producing upwards of 4000 -8000 cycles, thats 11-20 years of daily use. Whereas the older cyclindrical cells are limited to 2500cycles.
  • SIZE & SHAPE, is it compact enough or has a low profile  to fit under the seat of your motorhome. 
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT, Is the company buying from based in the UK, or China?  Do they offer customer support, technical backup, free warranty repair or replacement. Can you talk to them on the phone?