When choosing a 12v lithium leisure battery for your motorhome, boat, caravan, or campervan you should carry out some market research on the brands available. There are many new lithium batteries flooding into the UK market and with enticingly cheap price tags. It is hard even for us, sometimes, to tell the difference of which are quality products and what are cheap copies. Many of the Chinese imports are a give away with their wacky branding and strange brand names.  

Beware of cheap copies at cheap prices

Be wary of cheap Chinese imported batteries. Although they may seem appealing with their lower prices. However, they often suffer from manufacturing quality issues and lack of official certification to be sold and used in the UK & EU Markets. These batteries rarely undergo any form of safety testing. 

Always Remember! cheaper batteries often come with no warranty or customer service backup. Here at LithiumPro we offer a dedicated customer care service and a comprehensive 5 year warranty support, leaving you to enjoy carefree adventures. Support British and Prioritise reliable brands that meet safety standards and offer customer support.









Check for UKCA Compliance

Be wary of cheap Chinese imported batteries. Although they may seem appealing with their lower prices. 

However, they often suffer from manufacturing quality issues and lack of official certification to be sold and used in the UK & EU Markets. These batteries rarely undergo any form of safety testing. All Lithium Pro products under go a rigorous testing programme to ensure we comply with the appropriate UKCA, CE, ROHS, RED and UN38.3 certification required for legal sale and use in the UK.

Check for poor quality

Often the cheap imitations will use cheap components and a different design to reduce cost where possible, with the use of cotton straps rather than sturdy carry handles.  No base rail for securing the battery into moving vehicles.  The level of quality can some times be visible even from the outside, with poor label quality or application. Signs of visible use of glue sealing the battery lid. When the batteries are stripped down the workmanship and component quality is poor and sometimes dangerous. Even, the use of M8 terminal connections rather than the familiar high conductivity brass posts. The manufacturers rely heavily on the fact that the battery box is glued and permanently sealed shut. So the cheap internal components cannot be inspected.

Poor quality BMS

What cells do you have in your lithium battery?

Many importers are still selling the old style LiFePO4 cylindrical celled batteries.  The vast majority are not traceable to the factories that produced them. This means you have no idea when they were manufactured or what Grade cells you are used inside, let alone if they were ever certified to any form of safety standard at production.  All LithiumPro cells are certified to stringent UL standards UL1973, UL1642 ensuring they meet both safety and performance standards for use in vehicle auxiliary power systems.
Cylindrical cells are much smaller in size, so up to 80 cells are required to make a single 100AH battery. Four batches of 20 cells connected in series and then parallel to make up a 12v 100AH battery. This brings certain limitations in many aspects of design and battery longevity. Balancing 4 cells is a lot easier to manage than 80 cells. So you will achieve superior battery performance for longer, if using Prismatic cells.  The heat transfer of 80 cells is far greater than just 4 prismatic cells. Also packaging of large numbers of cylindrical cells is not conducive to allow small compact designs either.  Cylindrical cells are heavier and more bulkier in design.  So make sure you understand what cells are in your batteries and if they have been UL certified for use in your application. Otherwise your insurers may refuse to cover you or payout in a claim.

Serviceable battery cases

Lithium Pro SMARTIQ SERIES batteries all have screw-top lids so our quality is there for all to see. Our battery internals, cells and BMS’s are easily accessible.  We have the ability to access the components should we need to repair or replace them.  Enabling us to provide a genuine and comprehensive 5 year warranty.  Making batteries serviceable provides the added advantage should clients wish to upgrade their cells or BMS as technology advances they can be swapped out in seconds. Future proofing their investment.

campervan battery

Grade-A EVE cells

The newer Prismatic celled battery assemblies such as the ones we use in all of LithiumPro batteries are manufactured by EVE. Their cell Quality and Grade are traceable to the date and place of manufacture using a QR code system. Each cells also carries UL1973 certification to demonstrate a safety compliance at cell level.

lithium leisure battery terminals


With the familiar SAE Brass terminal connections on our Lithium leisure batteries there is no need for you to change your existing connectors or leads. Just remove your old Lead Acid battery and replace with a Lithium Pro smart Series.  Also the base rail provides the ability to  secure your battery inside your vehicle safely.

Lithium Leisure battery



As of 2023, China dominates the global lithium production market, controlling approximately 70% of the industry. Lithium batteries worldwide utilize the same chemistry to achieve remarkable advancements in energy density and battery performance. However, it is crucial to recognize that the design, production, testing, and quality control processes can significantly vary among manufacturers

As part of our quality control process, cells are carefully selected their internal resistance and capacities are matched. Furthermore, each battery undergoes a complete charge and discharge cycle before leaving our factory. This meticulous procedure ensures that every battery delivered to you is in optimal condition and ready to perform at its best.

12v Lithium Battery

The quality of critical components within the battery, such as the BMS (Battery Management System), is of paramount importance in ensuring the battery operates safely within defined parameters. These aspects of quality control play a vital role in determining the longevity, performance, and safety of our products.

At Lithiumpro Energy, we prioritise attention to detail during the design and manufacturing stages, we implement stringent quality control procedures throughout the production process ensuring all our components are high quality.  We only use Grade A ‘traceable’ LiFePO4 cells. This commitment to excellence guarantees that there are no compromises when it comes to the quality and reliability of our batteries.


At Lithium Pro Energy we think we have a range of Lithium Battery to suit all applications…

High-End Lithium batteries with Grade A PRISTMATIC cells engineered to cater for a range of applications from ESS, Off-Grid Solar systems, Yachts to Motorhomes, Caravans, and Campervans. We have designed them to seamlessly integrate with the familiar Lead Acid automotive-style battery box, complete with mounting rails at the base, ensuring secure installation in your vehicle.

While we embrace the familiarity of these elements, that’s where the similarities between our batteries and traditional Lead Acid batteries end. Our engineering excellence sets our batteries apart, offering exceptional performance, durability, and advanced features that transcend the limitations of traditional battery technology. Experience the difference that our innovative design and cutting-edge engineering can make in enhancing your power solution. Weighing in at 9kgs thats 70% less weight than your old deep cycle Lead-acid leisure battery. Our Lithium batteries offer 100% useable capacity – USE all the stated amp hours in a single discharge without damaging your battery and repeat this 3000-5000 times before your battery will even start to feel the strain. Safely, recharge in as little as just 1 hour if you have the capacity and you’re ready to go again.